Mixero 0.57

A feature rich twiiter desktop client


  • Innovative use of Twitter
  • Channels are great
  • Attractive


  • Difficult to use at the start
  • Interface can get very busy


There are probably enough Twitter desktop clients already, but Mixero shows there are still more ways to use the popular social media's API in inventive and useful ways.

Unlike most clients, Mixero has a genuinely unique interface. This means to begin with users will feel a bit lost, but there is a method behind the design. The central panel features the accounts you add to Mixero, which can include Facebook as well as Twitter. Thes can be viewed on the left or right panels.

You can also set up channels to focus on specifying things in either service. These could be Twitter searches, user groups or specific friends, for example. These channels also sit in the central channel, and can be viewed quickly in either left or right panel. The idea behind this is that you can set up filters or channels, which will give you the information you want and cut out all the background noise that pollutes social media.

Mixero is made in Adobe Air, which means it looks good and is cross platform, but a tiny bit heavier on resources than it should be. The feed management is really well done, and it's great that they are trying something different, however only heavy twitter users are likely to need this degree of control.

Mixero is impressive as it does something different. However, it's claim of cutting out the noise is contrasted somewhat with an interface that can get very busy at times! One for Twitter addicts.



Mixero 0.57

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